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Whodunnit - What If…Episode 3 Review ft. Zac

Jake and Zac are back to discuss "What If...The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?", the third installment in the "What If...?" series. We chat

- The Avenger's deaths - if Jake cried when Tony died and his glee at Hawkeye's death

- Zac gives us a Power Rangers/Avengers parallel from this episode 

- What will we see in the future of "What If...??" 

- Hank Pym and some comic parallels 

-Which episode did we like better?

- Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer 

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Cha-Cha and the Guardians of the Galaxy - What If…Episode 2 Review ft. Zac

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN...Jenny is on vacation, so Jake and Zac (who you may remember from MCU and Brews) are back to discuss What If...T'Challa Became Star-Lord

- What Black Panther meant to us

- T'Challa's effect on the universe and Captain Genocide

- Blonde Nebula is a hottie 

- Zac's driving habits and a date he had at Dairy Queen

- Easter eggs throughout the episodes 

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Some Things Never Change - What If…Episode 1 Review

Jake and Jenny are back to discuss "What If...Captain Carter Were The First Avenger" and some of the latest MCU news. 

- Shang-Chi marketing and release, T'Challa takes over the official Guardians of the Galaxy Twitter account, J.K. Simmons back as J. Jonah Jameson in Venom: Let There Be Carnage?

- Likes and dislikes for the episode

- The biggest changes from The First Avenger

- Was that Shuma-Gorath at the end? 

- What upcoming "What If..." episode we're most excited for?


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Minisode 8: Petition for Yelena & Harley Quinn Team-Up


It's the return of the minisode! What If is coming soon, and there's plenty of Marvel news to talk about here at History of the MCU:

-#MCUVillainSadness tournament

-LEGO hauls

-James Gunn's THE Suicide Squad (and Harley Quinn supremacy)

-Black Widow first reactions

-What If preview

-a little Hawkeye talk

-Venom trailer's implications for Spider-Man: No Way Home


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25. Loki Finale: The Many-Faced God

Jake and Jenny are here to break down the season 1 finale of the Disney+ Series, Loki. Hot goss includes:

  • An intro full of easter eggs
  • The many monikers of He Who Remains
  • Who is the new Mobius!?
  • WHERE is this Citadel, anyway?

Our hosts chat about their feelings on the finale and the series as a whole, where it ranks amongst the other Disney+ shows, and the implications for what's to come next in the MCU. The multiverse is our oyster.


24. Loki Episode 5: EureKang’s Castle

Jake and Jenny are back in the nick of time to talk about the fifth/penultimate episode of the DisneyPlus series, Loki: "Journey Into Mystery."

What does Ravonna really know? Who is Miss Minutes working for? Who's your favorite Loki?! Do we stan Thanoscopter? Will Sylvie double-cross our Loki?!? Is King Loki or Kang in the castle? Is this the last we'll see of Classic Loki, or Alioth?!


....and more!


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23. Loki Episode 4: Love Yourself First

Jake and Jenny are back JUST in the nick of time to talk Loki episode 4: The Nexus Event. What caused Sylvie to be yoinked from her timeline? Is Loki Love as icky as Jamie and Cersei’s twisted relationship? Is Ravonna Renslayer pulling the strings at the TVA, or is Kang coming into the fold? Is this really the last we’ll see of Mobius?! And MORE!


22. Loki Episode 3: The God of Dong

Jake and Jenny are back to chat some neat parallels and theories regarding Loki Episode 3: "Lamentis"!

Loki's coming out Zelda parallels Who are we shipping? Lokius? Sylki? What REALLY happened to that tower?

.....and more.

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21. Loki Episode 2: Identity Crisis

Jake and Jenny return to talk about the key bits of episode two of Disney's Loki: "The Variant." Who is this Lady Loki, really? Is Ravonna really who she seems? Is Miss Minutes running the show?! Will Mobius ever get to ride a jet ski? Have a cup of tea, come sit by the fire.


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20. Loki Episode 1: Time is no object, this episode is not late

Jake and Jenny are better late than never with a revisit of the premiere episode of Disney's Loki: "Glorious Purpose". 

  • Who are the Time Keepers?
  • How sus is the TVA?
  • Tom Hiddleston's Master Class
  • Resetting versus Pruning?
  • Peggy Carter cameo?

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